What You Should Tell the Home Inspector

Inspection Done Right

Are you planning to have a home inspector over your home? If you are, then you need to make sure you would be able to provide them the information that they need from the start so they would be able to inspect your home the right way. This may not be always the case but it would definitely help the inspector if you:

Tell them about your home.

You need to inform them of everything you know about your home. When was it built? Who built it? Was it bought this way? Did you make any changes since you moved in? This would help them determine how much damage is there or what possible problems they would expect to find when they go looking. This will definitely speed up the process.

Tell them about the issues.

The next thing you would need to do, even if they would not ask, is to tell them what you have been noticing yourself. They can give you a possible reason why there is a leak on your roof or why you are experiencing some problems with the doors in your house. Anything small would still be helpful.

Tell them about the value.

You then have to tell them about the value of your home when you bought it or if you plan to sell it. They can help you with this, especially when it comes to figuring out how much the whole place is worth with all the materials and amenities.

If you want to make sure that your inspector checks everything you need to have checked in New York, NY, then tell them about what you know. If you are looking for a home inspector know that you can always count on Pristine Inspection Associates. To know more about the services we have, let us know by giving us a call at (917) 336-0089.

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