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Your property is your source of pride. Find ways to enhance the value of your home. Are you planning to buy or sell your house? Do you want to know things about the house such as its flaws and strengths? You can start improving your property through a well-anticipated renovation. Pristine Inspection Associates is a reputable home inspection company that offers impeccable yet affordable renovation services. We’re a team of home inspector experts that works diligently to ensure our clients get the results they want and need. We’re a perfect choice for home improvement. Trust our team now!

House Inspections

If you ever insist to do the inspection alone without any knowledge, there is a tendency that you might harm yourself and damage the house in the process. It gives the best assessment of your property’s structural integrity. It will help you understand the condition of your home and its major parts so that you will know what you are working with. Our inspectors will identify various issues that require repair or replacement. We’ll conduct gap analysis and plumbing, electrical, and structural checks. Our inspectors also provide professional advice on materials and styles. They won’t be able to give their accurate assessment unless they’ve seen everything.

Why Choose Us?

The process of inspecting and evaluating a house isn’t an easy task to do. It is a real task that needs professional attention and expertise because of the danger and risks involved. Our company is one of the preferred home inspectors in New York, NY. We have excellent connections in the industry, and we have been doing this job for over a decade. We use professional equipment as well as world-class tools and materials. With our expertise, we can give our clients five-star assistance and support. We make sure that they don’t have to worry about the project after we leave. So what are you waiting for? Choose our team now!

Are you looking for a professional home inspection service in New York, NY? You can reach Pristine Inspection Associates today at (917) 336-0089.

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