How to Start a Professional Home Inspection?

What You Need to Know Before an Inspection

You’ve decided you’re going to invest in a professional home inspection, but you have no idea where to start. You have a few questions on your mind, such as:

How much does a home inspection cost?

The price of a home inspection will vary depending on who you hire, how much work is needed, and even where the inspection takes place. If you’re having a building built, the cost of an inspection may be covered by the builder. If you’re planning to purchase a pre-existing home, or you’re looking to sell your home and are considering remodeling, you need to budget for a professional home inspection. Most buyers will ask for one before they’ll close.

How long does a home inspection last?

The duration of an inspection will depend on the scope of the job, and the inspector will let you know what to expect when you book an appointment. The average inspection lasts around three to four hours, though you can expect it to last longer if you have more questions. If you like to get a rough idea of how long an inspection will take, ask them to quote you on specific time frames.

What information should I ask the inspector to provide?

Start your home inspection by asking the inspector to provide a scope of work and a quote for the entire job. Make sure you ask for a written report that includes the areas that need work, the overall price of the inspection, and the estimated timeframe of the inspection. You should also get a copy of the inspection report, which should include the details of the inspection’s findings as well as your options for having the item repaired or replaced.

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