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You may have noticed a mildew smell, or you may have had water leaks or spotted visible signs of mold. For many homeowners in the New York, NY area, the thought of having mold in their residence is terrifying, but if you’ve already seen some signs, it’s important to take the next and safest step, which is to schedule a mold inspection and testing service with a trained professional who can better help you understand whether you have a mold problem and what you can do about it.

You may have been wondering, how much time will a mold inspection and testing service take? Will they pull up my rugs? Is the process safe? After you’ve scheduled it, what can you expect from your mold inspection and testing service? What about results?

Knowledge. A big part of mold inspection and testing service at Pristine Inspection Associates is education. It helps our customers better understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Our highly trained and professional mold inspectors are all well-educated and often have years of experience and training in construction. They understand better how most homes are built and how mold can cause them to fall apart. And we are very much eager to share information.

Our mold inspection and testing professionals may need to ask you questions to gather important information, such as when you first noticed the problem; if you have had recent water, moisture, or weather-related issues; whether you’ve had recent renovations to your home; or if you’ve noticed a roof or plumbing leaks. In addition to asking questions, the home visit includes a complete visual assessment. We also take air and surface samples during an investigation to determine the amount of mold, the types of mold, and the location of the mold.

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