Not Sure If You Have Mold Growing in Your House?

What Does Mold Testing Encompass Exactly?

Mold testing is a technique that is done to search for signs of mold within a structure. While this type of testing cannot always identify what species of mold are found or even where they are located, they can be used to collect data on mold populations. Some environmental agencies will perform mold testing by request, and individuals can also order a test via a private lab, some of which may sometimes send their representatives out, or may send a test kit out for property owners to collect samples with.

One of the crucial things you must be aware of when performing tests looking for mold is that mold can naturally be found in every building. Mold is extremely diverse, and not all mold is harmful. It would be very surprising to perform a mold test and find no signs of it, so should a test come back positive, it does not always mean that there are big problems. Mold testing only provides a sample of a certain point in time, this means that all of the mold found may not be identified, and if toxic mold is found, this test will not identify if they are emitting any toxins.

Individuals sometimes ask for a mold test because they think mold is creating a health issue or because they are planning to use the results to pursue legal action against a person. Consumers must be aware that this type of testing varies in scope and quality, and it could be easy to waste money on looking for mold. If mold is present in a home, the tenant can document the colonies, then request that their landlord takes immediate action.

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