How to Test for Toxic Mold?

What to Expect When Performing Toxic Mold Testing?

Removing toxic mold is vital for the continued good health of everyone living in the home. And mold can grow in areas that you least expect it too, ranging from damp and moist bathrooms and basements to the likes of plants and even clothes. So if you even suspect that you have toxic mold growing in your home, you need to have a mold testing inspection done. You can either do this yourself or call in a professional that will come and thoroughly examine your house for signs of this noxious substance.

If you decide to do the testing yourself, there are a few things you need to do. The first being performing a visual inspection of your whole house, and make sure you look in every nook and cranny. Any areas with moisture, like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, that you know had water issues in the past, will be the first places to look. And make sure you check the attic, if you have one also, in addition to under carpet padding, the garbage disposal, and even behind wallpaper.

If you find any substances which you think could be mold, put on rubber gloves and a mask, then apply a piece of clear tape on the spot. After which, put the tape with the mold sample onto saran wrap, place it into a resealable bag, and then send it off to a mold laboratory for testing.

You can, as mentioned above, hire a professional to do the toxic mold test and inspection for you, especially when you are worried about coming into contact with it. Should this be the route you decide to take, an inspector will first visually check your home. Then, they will ask you questions about what the chances are of the presence of mold in specific areas, like any rooms where flooding or leaking has occurred previously.

If you live in or around the New York, NY area and think your home has mold, call Pristine Inspection Associates immediately at (917) 336-0089, and let us come and perform our mold testing procedure to allay your fears.

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